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    • Glossy or Matte banner material!
    • High quality digital prints!
    • Straight cut or Stitched Hems!
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Specialty Banners

Custom specialty banners

    • Over-the-Street & Light Pole Banners.
    • Mesh and Wind or Flag Banners.
    • Silk Screen. Double-Sided. Sleeved.
    • Adjustable Tradeshow Banners.
    • Poster Paper Digital Prints.
    • Vinyl Lettered Banners.


Why Buy From Us?

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Ordering is as easy as 1..2..3

1. Decide on the type of banner you need. Determine the size, color(s), quantity and finishing. Then place your order.

2. Usually, within one business day of receiving your order, one of our layout consultants will review your order, confirm receipt of artwork and begin the layout/artwork and approval process.

3. Depending on the type of banner ordered and your requested time frame, your banner order will be produced, boxed and shipped to your desired location...On Time!

Retail banners...Wholesale prices!

The reason we can offer wholesale prices is that there is little overhead - no retail floorspace needed. We don't even need salespeople! The Internet allows us to sell direct to the consumer, eliminating multiple middlemen, which results in us being able to pass on our savings to the customer.

Compare our prices with retail sign shops and you will see that our prices are about 30% less than your local retail sign shop.

We are a division of Quick Signs!

With a name like that, we've learned to do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers' deadlines. Depending on your banner needs, our products can be printed, trimmed, boxed and shipped all within 24 hours of receiving your "ready to print" artwork.

Specialty banners are produced within a couple business days, depending on the size, quantity and finishing options. But ultimately, we work closely with our customers, to assure we fit their banner needs quickly and On Time!

Secured Transactions!

We offer total protection of your credit card and ordering information utilizing a Secure Socket Later (SSL) system.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We offer high quality products, with a dedicated art team and production staff, that take great strides to insure the utmost quality of our workmanship. However, if you are not completely satisfied with our product, please contact us promptly to remedy the situation.


Holiday Sign Savings

Take 15% off all new orders between now and December 31st.

Enter the code word holiday in the cart during checkout for your 15% discount.

Discount must be used for internet orders only. This discount does not apply to past or exising orders.

Happy Holidays!



Do you offer additional sizes other than those listed on the Design Center?

Yes, we sure do. We can create a custom vinyl lettered banner for you in just about any size!

Do I have the option of placing the order over the phone?

Yes. You can call us toll-free Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST at 1-866-267-4467.

I need a little help designing my banner, do you offer any design services?

Yes, we have several knowledgeable and talented designers at your disposal should you need some help creating an effective layout for your banner content. However, there may be additional fees, depending on the amount of verbiage or complexity of your design. Contact our customer service team to receive an accurate quote before purchasing.

Can I customize my vinyl lettered banner with simple graphics?

Yes. Although vinyl lettered banners mostly consist of just type, you do have the option to add a simple shape, silhouette or clip-art graphic when designing your banner online or call in your banner order. If you are designing online you will need to first add your text and then click on the "Add Graphics" button which will then open up a menu of pre-designed vector images to place onto your lettered banner. If you call in your order, please speak with your design representative about adding a graphic and they will be happy to assist and guide you with a clip-art graphic image choice.

How do I track my order?

Once your order ships you will receive an email containing your tracking numbers whether you order your vinyl lettered banner through our automated Design On-Line Center or over the phone with one of our representatives.


How durable are your standard regular banners?

These banners utilize a 13 oz. vinyl banner material that is very durable for indoor and outdoor installations. When hung indoors, this banner will last a lifetime. When used outdoors these banners are best suited for about 3 months under normal weather conditions.

Does this banner have stitched hems? Does a banner need hems?

Our regular banners come with a straight cut edge. We print directly onto the material and trim it to size. This non-fray vinyl material doesn't require any stitching and has a nice and clean finish. Hems are usually stitched when the banner material can't be cut to shape without fraying. Hems can add a bit more stability around the edges of the banner, but are not necessary for a banner to be durable. If you are interested in ordering a stitched banner, please see our over-sized digital banner section, for details and pricing.

What are grommets? Does my banner need them?

Grommets are the tiny brass eyelets that we place into our banners for hanging. The grommets create a contained hole in the banner to hang it from fences, poles, walls, etc.) Our standard banners come with 4 grommets in the corner, but can be ordered without grommets, if need be. Most people hang their banners and need the grommets for installation though.

What is the difference between the standard banner and the standard rugged banner?

Both banners are great for both indoor and outdoor use. We recommend the standard banner for interior installations and limited outdoor use. While our standard rugged banner is more suited for outdoor use. These banners also have one other slight difference...their finish. Standard banners have a glossy look, giving your graphics more pop! Standard rugged banners have a matte finish, which helps reduce glare in brightly lit areas.

Is the banner reusable?

All our banners are reusable if store properly when not in use. To store, simply roll your banner up, and place it into the box it was shipped in or in some sort of protective tube. Never ever fold your banner. Folding a banner will cause permanent creasing and could destroy the look of your banner.


In what type of situation would a regular rugged Rip-Resistant banner be best?

Rip-Resistant banners are best for long-term outdoor installations. The material has a much more rugged weave than our standard regular banner, making the Rip-Resistant better suitable for continual outdoor use.

Does the Rip-Resistant banner have any other noteable qualities?

Yes. The banner material has a smooth matte finish to it, whereas our standard banner, has a glossy finish. The matte material helps reduce glare in heavily lit indoor or outdoor areas.

What is the standard finish on a Rip-Resistant rugged banner?

All our Rip-Resistant rugged banners have straight cut edges and come with complimentary grommets in each corner for installation. We do offer extra grommets, and highly recommend them for proper installation, on banners 6 feet or longer.

How can you guarantee that this product is Rip-Resistant?

We've done several pull and weight tests to guage the strength of this particular material. And so far, we have found it nearly impossible to rip or tear a banner printed on this highly durable substrate. Keep in mind though, that the banner must be installed properly utilizing all grommet points, to retain it's super strength qualities.

How long will a Rip-Resistant banner last indoors/outdoors?

Indoors the banner will last you a lifetime when stored and cared for properly. Outdoor longevity is determined how by how they are hung, maintained and by the amount of direct sunlight they endure everyday. Under normal circumstances these banners should last a good 3 - 5 years, and maybe more.


At what size does a banner become extra-large?

Any banners that measure over 52" in height. Any banners under 52" in height can be digitally printed as a standard regular banner or a regular rugged banner signs.

What is differences does the over-sized banner offer over regular banners?

The only real difference between our regular banners (standard and standard rugged) and an over-sized banner, besides the size of the banner, is that the over-sized banners have a stitched hem with grommets placed approximately every 24" - 30" all the way around. Our standard banner options have straight cut edges with grommets in the corners (extra grommets can be ordered.)

Can I still order an over-sized banner even if my banner is shorter than 52"?

Absolutely. Even though both our standard banner products are just as good a banner, if you would like a stitched hem banner, you can most certainly order an over-sized banner at any size you need.

Do the stitched hems of an over-sized banner make these banners more durable?

Not necessarily. The stitching is basically to complete the look of the banner. When stitched banners are cut down to size they have some frayed edges that need to be hemmed so the banner doesn't fall apart. The hems help a little with strengthening the edges of the banner, but ultimately, both our regular banners (with straight cut non-fray edges)  will hold up just as well as an over-size banner with stitched hems.

How long does an over-sized banner last?

Our over-sized outdoor banners are printed with eco-solvent, fade resistant UV inks that hold up well for at least 3 - 5 years in normal conditions. Keep in mind, when hanging your banner, that the more sun exposure a banner gets can limit the longevity of the print.

Who we are, a division of Quick Signs, specializes in all aspects of banner printing. We use state-of-the-art printers and equipment to produce high quality vinyl digital banners, mesh banners, over-the-street banners, wind/flag banners, poster paper prints, and more, at affordable prices to fit any budget. We have been in the banner and sign industry for over 25 years and service all of the United States, in addition to our local customers, with great banner products, affordable pricing and friendly top-notch customer service.

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