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So you've got a gig coming up soon and you are wondering how to promote yourself; your band or your musical engagement? Band banners are a great asset to any musical group or event from any genre on the music scene. Band banners can be strew across a road; zip-tied to a fence; displayed in a music store window; hung at the actual venue and even as a backdrop at the show! Band banners are so versatile in that they can be used over and over again and hung just about anywhere there is room for them. Our band banners are very light weight and made from 13 oz. material that is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. They can be stored and used for many years to come and hung, displayed or carried to suit your band banner needs.

For upcoming shows you can create a band banner that has the dates, times and the venue location with a digitally printed banner. You can also utilize our vinyl lettered banner method (simple lettering only banners) that allows you to actually change information on the banner, without printing a whole new banner, which is especially helpful if the band, dates, times or venue will be changing constantly. A lot of bands opt to purchase stage banners, which are traditionally hung behind the band while playing, and can be made in any size necessary from small to large. Digital band banners also allow you to utilize your personal band logo and graphics, whereas, a vinyl lettered banner does not give you graphics options.

Another popular use for band banners is being created as a sleeved banner to slide over a pole for the band to carry at festivals and parades. Sleeved band banners can also be used for decoration or at other events to give presence at any musical event. Marching band banners can be digitally printed, or utilize the above-mentioned "lettering only" banner method, depending on the type of information the banner will need to display.

So when you need a versatile product that will promote your band or musical event Band Banners are the way to go! They can be as elaborate as you want with a digitally printed band banner or very simple with just lettering and dates. For those about to rock....give a call and let us help you produce a high-quality band banner today for your next performance!

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