Banner Making - Indoor install

Banner Making: From Envision to Completion


Indoor banners in most cases are easy to install, as they are placed in locations where they are viewed close up. Banners of this type are usually printed or lettered on lightweight banner material. Because of their short viewing distance, indoor banners normally contain detailed artwork in which the digital production usually requires the banner to be printed at very high resolutions.

Banner type, material, and finishing options

While both vinyl banners and digitally printed banners are accessible and cost effective solutions, many of our customers find that the high resolution provided by digital inkjet prints, are better suited for banners mounted indoors.

The use of vinyl lettered banners, as well as digital print banners, offers a number of banner choices for our customers. Our indoor vinyl lettered banners are normally produced on 10oz. vinyl banner fabric. Our indoor digitally printed banners are usually printed at very high resolution (1440dpi) on inkjet receptive, reinforced 13 mil. banner material. With digital printing becoming more commonplace, new banner fabrics are being introduced that allow us to better match the customers needs to a specific banner product.

How the indoor banner will be installed influences how the banner is finished after printing or lettering. Finishing options for indoor banners include: raw banner material (no hem or grommets); single folded with banner tape edges for a smooth clean look; and single folded double stitched hems with grommets for added durability.

Permanent installation methods

For permanent indoor digital print banner installations, wall mounting is a relatively simple process. For light weight indoor banners, the end user can wall mount their banners by use of wood-screws through washers and grommets. Heavier weight indoor banners can be installed permanently using such hardware as screw-in anchors, molly bolts, or toggle bolts.

Temporary installation methods

Temporary banner installations are very common for indoor banners. Such installations are seen at tradeshows, sporting events, career fairs, or virtually anywhere where a promotional banner display is setup for a short period of time. This kind of banner installation requires a different type of hardware. Hook and loop velcro fasteners can be installed on your banner to make a simple and easy install. S-hooks are used to hang temporary banners from above, with pre-installed grommets. Additional temporary banner installation options include pole pockets with wood dowels or PVC rods, as well as light weight "banner-ups".

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