Tips for ordering a custom soccer team banner

It's almost soccer season...and time to think about soccer banners.

soccer-4-croppedWith Fall right around the corner that also means that the soccer season will be starting up shortly. Come August most teams have been formed and are starting the practice phase to determine how best to utilize their players. September usually hails as the month where soccer games are set in

motion for the season. Between August and September you'll have worked on a team name and have a roster of committed players. This is when most soccer teams start searching around to have a soccer team banner printed. Soccer team banners are brought to every soccer game and set up to showcase which team is playing on both sides of the field. Before ordering your soccer team banner you'll need to have a few bases covered to determine your soccer team banner needs so that your chosen sign company can help you get a great soccer team banner printed before it's time to hit the field for your first game.

Choose a banner size.

Most people ordering soccer banners figure that banner companies have a standard soccer team banner size. Well, there really isn't a standard banner size, but the most popular size by far is either a 3' x 5' soccer banner or a 3' x 6' soccer banner. Both these sizes work well for soccer team banners by having enough room to properly display all the necessary information that a soccer team banner usually carries. Soccer banner information usually includes the name of the team, all the players names, and the names of the coach and assistant coach. But when in doubt you can always ask your league if they have any soccer team banner size requirements.

Design time.

Soccer team banners can be super creative and fun to design once you have settled on a team name and theme for your digitally printed banner. A lot of people tend to design their own soccer team banner artwork while others will need to have some professional design help. For those of you that have the tools and the skills to design your own soccer team banner you'll want to make sure that your artwork is print worthy and print ready (built to size) to supply too your chosen banner printing company. And for those who have no artwork you'll need to find a banner printing company that offers graphic design services to help create your soccer team banner design. Most sign companies work with you from concept to creation and will incorporate your sign ideas into the graphics if possible. Or you can search around for an online design option and create your own from scratch.

Banner finishing.

Knowing your banner size and having the appropriate artwork (or having the artwork designed for your soccer team banner) are the two key components when ordering a team banner. But you'll need to know what finishing style is going to work best with your display system. Soccer team banner display systems, which are usually made from PVC pipes, can accommodate two different finishing styles. The first choice is to just have grommets added to your banner. With grommets in the banner you can zip-tie it to the frame of your banner stand. Another option would be to finish the banner with pole sleeves. Pole sleeves allow for extra material on the top and bottom (or sides if necessary) of your soccer team banner, created a pocket or sleeve, so that it will easily slide onto the PVC display stand.

Banner order timing.

Most banner companies can have a banner designed and printed within a few days. But when you couple the fact that every other team is looking to get a banner printed as well you may want to get an early start. Sometimes this can prove very hard to do because you have to gather your team together and decide on a team name or theme first and there are only a few weeks of practices before it's time to kick-off. But as soon as you have the information you need to create your soccer team banner get it to your banner printer right away to avoid any time delays because they are inundated with other soccer team banner orders.

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