Sleeved Banners

Custom banners made for pole installations.

Pole pocket Banners are much like Light Pole Banners in that they have special "sleeves" created to be hung on poles, PVC piping, or rods, etc. Sleeved banners typically have the "pole pocket" at the top and bottom of the banner, but can also be sleeved all the way around; on the sides and top of the banner to fit onto freestanding display apparatuses; or on just the top or bottom only of the banner. Sleeve sizes are determined by the pole diameter that the banner will need to fit or slide over. When purchasing a banner with sleeves, it's always a good idea to allow a little extra sleeve room, for easy slide-on during installation. When ordering sleeved banners the size of the pocket is crucial, especially if the banner will be slide onto poles that are welded into place or unmovable, because if the sleeve is too small the banner will not fit and will have to be remade with the proper sleeve size.

Banner sleeves are created by adding extra material to the top or bottom (or wherever the sleeves are needed) to the print. This extra material is based upon the size of the pole that the banner will need to fit. When the pole size is determined we then calculate how much extra material will need to be printed, in addition to the digital print itself, to accommodate sliding onto a pole apparatus. The extra material is essentially looped over and re-attached back onto the banner creating a "sleeve" or "pocket" that the banner can then slide over. Depending on what type of banner your are ordering, the sleeve is secured into the banner, by a few different methods. A sleeve can be taped, grommeted or velcroed if you are ordering one of our digital QS-XLT banners or Non-Rip banners; or stitched and grommeted into the banner, if ordering a Dura-Tuf outdoor banner or Vinyl Lettered Banner.

Pole banners can be single-sided or double-sided, depending on your banner needs, and can have either a single image or differing images on either side of the banner. Single-sided sleeve banners are great for sports banners also because they can be slid onto PVC pole systems to display out on the field to cheer on and represent your team. Sleeved banners are also used for parades, festivals and annual events because they can be easily stored and re-used for next years festivities. Sleeved banners are also great for band banners and step-and-repeat banners, that are used as backdrops, on free-standing pole systems or scaffolding.

For more information on sleeved banners, please give a call at (866) 267-4467. We're here to help you with all your banners needs!

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