Light Pole Banners

Light pole banners offer high visibility and great street based advertising!


  • Great for parking lots, retail stores and mall areas.
  • Sporting events and complexes can show their team spirit or announce upcoming events.
  • Community advertising or beautification in downtown areas to promote the city, events or holidays.
  • Special event information high-lighting upcoming festivals or popular city attractions for locals and tourists.
  • Seasonal or Annual street decorations for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Restaurant and Retail displays to attract customers for specials, events or promotional products.

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Street Light Banners

Light pole banners offer great street based advertising at affordable prices!


Common names for Light Pole banners are Pole Banners, Street-scape Banners, Avenue Banners or Main Street Banners. Essentially this type of specialty banner sign is a double-sided vinyl banner that has sleeves built into the top and bottom of the banner to slide onto various sized poles, rods, or hardware bracket systems. These banners are more commonly seen in rural downtown areas, large parking lots, stadiums, colleges, universities, car dealerships, etc. to attract, inform, display or direct their viewers when they are out and about.

Pole banners are intended to be highly visible to passersby whether they are traveling by foot or utilizing some form of motor transportation. Their double-sided nature gives the advertiser an ability to capture the attention of people traveling in either direction. These stylish banners are printed onto durable weather-proof vinyl material that can be displayed outdoors for years at a time or stored and used year after year for special events or seasonal promotions.

Pole banners serve as two banners in one and have you covered whether you decide to use the sign to display the same image on each side; or have differing images on either side. The double-sided nature of this type of specialty banner offers versatility in advertising because you can literally double your visual impact by using different artwork on either side. One side can welcome and greet customers; and the other side can say thank you to those exiting the area. So for the price of one banner you get much more bang for your buck.

For other pole banner options, please see our Dura-tuff banner page. Dura-tuf banners can be single or double-sided and can be utilized for over-the-street banners, as well as, sleeved banners that need to fit special PVC or pole rigging systems like a step-and-repeat banner. For all other banner needs that do not involve sleeves, please visit our digital banner page, for options on standard vinyl banners.


Is there a typical size for light pole banners?

As with any custom banner, there is typically not a standard size. Light pole banner sizes vary depending on the pole system they will be installed on. When determining the size of your pole banner, make sure you are measuring from pole to pole, for an accurate banner fit.

Are all light pole banners double-sided?

Most light pole banners are double-sided because they are viewed from the front and the back of the sign. Most single-sided banners pole banners fall into the "sleeved banner" category because they do not need to be viewed from both sides.

Do both images need to be the same on my double-sided light pole banner?

Absolutely not. Depending on your banner needs, the images can be the same on either side or they can be opposing.

How do I determine the sleeve size I will need for my light pole banner?

To determine the proper sleeve size you will need to know the diameter of the poles the banner will be displayed on. The sleeve size is very important when ordering a light pole banner. If the sleeves are too small, it will not fit on your pole structure; if the sleeves are to large, your banner will not fit as tightly as it should on the poles and may shift around a lot.

Do I need grommets on a light pole banner?

Some light pole banners have grommets and some do not. The grommets are placed in the banner so that it can be secured to the pole system, thus keeping it in place, which cuts down on the banner shifting when there's wind or inclement weather.

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