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Perforated vinyl banners for see-through advertising in windows and breezy locations!


  • 8 oz. matte see-through perforated vinyl banner material.
  • Any size, any design, any quantity.
  • Straight cut edges with corner grommets.
  • No need for wind slits...the materials porous texture allows wind to blow through for outdoor and high-rise advertising.
  • Durable 1000 x 1000 denier count with a small/medium hole size.

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See-through Mesh Banners

Perforated vinyl banners for see-through advertising in windows and breezy locations!


Mesh banners are a type of specialty banner utilizing perforated vinyl banner material. This perforated nature of mesh banners allow them to be somewhat see-through while still displaying vibrant and clear digital images. The tiny holes in the material also make a mesh banner breathable. This unique material attribute, allows air to pass through the banner, thus making this style of banner a viable alternative to our Wind/Flag banners (which have limited size options because of the design on that particular banner).

Mesh banners can be hung or displayed in a variety of different ways both indoors and outdoors. The tiny pin holes of the mesh banner material allow a see-through effect, giving you visibility through the banner, which is great for areas where you don't want a banner obstructing your view (i.e. on fences; inside buildings; in windows, etc.) These banners can range in size from small to large and serve as great window advertising, in the form of a hung banner or a window shade (with the proper hardware), as well as for outdoor advertising on buildings, fences, walk-ways, etc. that offers a vibrant print for the public without obstructing your view from the inside.

Mesh banners are also a great choice for high wind display areas because of their breathable nature. Wind can pass through a mesh banner with ease (unlike traditional vinyl banners that have a sail-like nature that captures wind), giving this banner a big advantage for outdoor advertising blustery environments. To make a standard vinyl banner more wind friendly, you have to actually cut into the material itself to create wind slits (half-moon cuts through the vinyl that allow air to pass through with less resistance), which compromises the integrity of the material and can lead to fraying that can severely damage the look of your banner. Mesh banners technically have thousands of tiny little mini wind-slits built into the material already, that do not compromise the material itself, while still be dense enough to be print receptive to display your full-color graphics. The vibrant digital prints that mesh banners can accommodate can be seen from distances near and far without obstructing the view on the back side of the banner itself.

Mesh banners offer a very stylish and modern look for just about any banner display situation. But if a see-through banner will not work for your sign needs, we do offer some great digital banner options on vinyl (QS-XLT banners; Non-Rip banners; and our hemmed Dura-Tuf banners), which can be ordered online with ease and at great prices.


Are mesh banners actually see-through?

Mesh banners do have a semi-transparent quality because of the tiny pin holes in the material. From a distance a mesh banner looks like a solid picture, but upon getting closer you can still see the vivid graphics, as well as being able to see through the banner itself.

Would you consider a mesh banner another good choice for a wind banner?

Absolutely! With the perforated nature of mesh banner, it can also serve as a great substitute for an actual wind banner, because air can actually flow through the material. Also, actual wind and flag banners, are limited in advertising space because of their unique design; whereas mesh banners can be printed at just about any size, allowing for greater advertising marketability!

How come mesh banners can't be double-sided?

Double sided banners usually have two prints stitched together with block-out material in the middle, to make both images on either side of the banner visible, without any bleed through from the opposing image. Since mesh banners are perforated, a piece of block out material in between, would eliminate the see-through properties of this material as well as inhibit it's wind friendly attributes.

How type of finishing do mesh banners have?

Most of our mesh banners have straight cut edges and grommets inserted in all four corners, which is great for hanging indoors or in windows. Outdoor mesh banners, or mesh banners over 52" in height, may need stitched edges to extend it's durability against the environment, especially if the banner will be installed against a building or on a fence.

How long does it take to produce a mesh banner?

Typical mesh banners, with straight cut edges, can be completed within 1 - 3 business days (depending on the immediacy of the order). Mesh banners with stitched edges take a bit longer, about 5 - 7 business days, to be completed because of the stitching process they need to go through. Either way, we will work as best we can within your deadlines, to make sure you receive your mesh banner in time and within budget.

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