Over the street banner

Extra-rugged banners for Over the street advertising.


  • Durable heavy duty banners for pole to pole advertising.
  • Single sided or double-sided with same or different graphics on either side.
  • Various finishing options to strengthen the banner.
  • Hardware options to insure a proper installation.
  • Great for high-visibility over the road advertising for just about any occasion.
  • Vibrant digital prints or optional lettering only for switching out dates and times for annual events.

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Over the Road Banners

Extra-rugged banners for Over-The-Street advertising.


Over-the-street or over-the-road banners are a specialty banner because of the restrictions and requirements that accompany most banners of this caliber. Over-the-street banners usually require extra hardware and reinforcements to make them safe enough for pole to pole installations. Almost all over-the-street banners will need city or county approval and it is best to check with your respective city for their specific requirements for this type of banner before pricing or ordering from any company, be it us, or not. These banners can be single or double-sided and printed at any size necessary on various weights of vinyl banner material. For double-sided prints a "block-out" material is placed in between the two prints to give each print clarity without any visual bleed-through from the other side.

For any type of event, that desires massive coverage, an over the street banner is a great way to advertise. Over the street banners are viewed at a much higher percentage rate than a vinyl banner along side the street. Many communities allow over the street banners, however, because of liability issues, over the street banners need to be made properly and usually have certain requirements necessary for approval. Over-the-street banners aren't restricted to over-the-road advertising, but since they will be installed between two freestanding pillars, need to be specially ordered. See below for an example of the specifications for a typical over-the-street banner:

The street banner can be a 16 oz. single-sided vinyl banner or 13 oz. double sided block out vinyl banner; the edges of the banner must have sewn-in nylon reinforced webbing along the perimeter of the banner; the vinyl banner must have heavy weight grommets with each grommet requiring it's own snap hook, already installed into the banner, to attach too a fixed cable that is currently running across the intended street of installation; the banner must also have sewn-in rope that extends at least 25' on each corner of the banner, to tie off too each anchored road side light pole on said street, assuring that the banner stays in place; and the banner must have re-inforced corners whether the banner is single-sided or double-sided.

If street banners are not allowed in your specific area, please see our standard vinyl banners the QS-XLT indoor/outdoor banner or Non-Rip digital banner, or our Dura-Tuf rugged outdoor digital banner pages, for pricing and information. These banners can be hung around town, usually without any restrictions, and are easy to order and install. For vinyl banners that need just lettering without any graphics, please see our Lettered Banner page.


Is an over-the-street banner different than an over-sized banner?

Yes. Even though an over-the-street banner is considered an extra-large or over-sized banner, it has different requirements that need to be met, to make it safe for hanging over a road or between two poles.

Are there special requirements on these types of banners?

Typically, yes there are. Most cities will require you to get approval before hanging a banner over any roadway or any free-standing poles that are on city property. We always suggest that the customer check with their specific city for any specific banner requirements that this type of banner may need before ordering the banner. Our over-the-street banners are printed on 13 oz. vinyl banner material, but your specific city may require that the banner be printed on 16 oz. material.

I need a double-sided over-the-street banner, do both images have to be the same?

Absolutely not. Our over the street double-sided banners are actually two separate prints that are stitched together with a block out material in the middle. So you can either have the same image or different images on either side of the banner.

Do you offer the special hardware necessary to hang an over-the-street banner?

Yes. If your over-the-road banner needs to have specific hardware installed in the banner (i.e. sewn-in rope, snap hooks, reinforced corners or webbing, etc.) we've got you covered. And again, we stress contacting your local city government, to find out requirements the banner needs to meet before ordering or pricing your street banner.

I see that some over-the-street banners have wind slits. Are they necessary?

Wind slits are not necessary in this type of banner, even though some cities require them, and we usually never manufacture our banners with them. When you cut into the vinyl banner material for wind slits, you actual damage the integrity of the banner, and may cause more harm than good because the wind slits might end up fraying and ultimately destroy the look of your banner.

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