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Retractable Banners vs. Adjustable Banners: Great for tradeshows and portable advertising.


  • Easy set up and take down. Light weight and portable.
  • Retractable banners house their own graphics in the base stand.
  • Adjustable banners come in various sizes from small table-top stands to extra large backdrops.
  • Both banner styles are great for interchangeable displays.
  • Great for tradeshow and free-standing advertising.

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Retractable Banner and Adjustable Banner Combinations

For light weight and portable multipurpose banner stand and print combination packages, that are great for indoor and outdoor use, for a multitude of advertising or informational needs our retractable and adjustable banner stand packages are a great buy. We carry a wide array of retractable banner stands and adjustable banner stands to fit every need from a small table-top version to an over-sized backdrop banner stand set-up for freestanding extra large banner displays.  The choices below are some of our most popular banner stand and print combination packages, if you need a different style or size please give our friendly sales staff a call to discuss your banner display needs.

Mini Banner Combo
X-Frame Combo
Adjustable Combo
Retractable Combo
mini-banner-stand ez-x-banner-stand  banner-stands3 retractable-banner-stand
Starting at $ 50.00
Call to order: 866-267-4467
Starting at $ 90.00
Call to order: 866-267-4467
Starting at $ 199.00
Call to order: 866-267-4467
Starting at $ 346.95
Call to order: 866-267-4467
- Tabletop size: 15" x 9.5"
- Carrying bag included
- Easily change out banner
- Based on ready-to-print files
- Set up in seconds

- Banner Size: 48" x 24"
- Carrying bag included
- Easy set-up and banner change
- Based on ready-to-print files
- Larger size available

- Banner Size: 70" x 24"
- Carrying bag included
- Easy set-up and banner change
- Based on ready-to-print files
- Larger size available
- Banner Size: 92" x 36"
- Carrying case included
- Banner retracts into base
- Based on ready-to-print files
- Other banner sizes available

For more information on our Adjustable and Retractable banner stand systems, give our sign specialists a call.

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Retractable Banners

Retractable Banners vs. Adjustable Banners: Great for tradeshows and portable advertising.


Retractable banners and adjustable banners are a great asset when you need portable, free-standing ground level advertising. This type of specialty banner is a staple in the tradeshow sign industry because of the versatility of this particular banner sign. Even though retractable banners and adjustable banners fall into the same category, they do have a few slight differences, when it comes to set-up, break down and the actual banner material.

RETRACTABLE BANNERS: These awesome banners are essentially a one-piece sign display system when assembled. Our retractable banners are printed on a polyester based banner material that is more fabric-like and retracts easier than regular banner vinyl. A digitally printed banner is affixed to a roller mechanism, in the bottom base of the banner stand, with the top of the banner placed into a special snap-fit mechanism to hold it taught when assembled. To set up the retractable banner you simply pull the banner up out of the base to the desired height of your graphics, and secure the print in an upright position with a pole system that attaches to the base and the back of the banner itself. When it's time for break-down, unscrew the pole and slowly let the banner retract back down into the base of the stand. Then you just place the poles and base into it's carrying case and off you go! So simple and easy this banner sets up in mere seconds and is worth it's weight in advertising gold.

ADJUSTABLE BANNERS: These banners are a bit more economical than their retractable banner cousins because their make-up is a bit more simple and straight forward. An adjustable banner stand has an actual pre-determined size stand (that can accommodate a small range of sized banners) that needs to be set-up in pieces and then have the banner affixed into place on the stand. These banners are just as easy  to set-up and tear-down, but they require just a few more steps, and still offer the portability of the retractable banner at a fraction of the cost. The banner portion of an adjustable banner stand is printed on our QS-XLT vinyl banner or Non-Rip vinyl banner material using your custom graphics or ours.

Both retractable banners and adjustable banners also offer the versatility of interchangeable advertising. You can literally print as many banners as you'd like and use them reciprocally, on the same stand, over and over to display different promotions, events, sales, offers, etc. This feature makes these tradeshow style banners very lucrative to purchase for the long run and also conveys a very sophisticated and professional look. sells both the banners and stands separately, but we recommend that they be purchased together for a proper fit. All our retractable banner stands and adjustable banner stands come with their own personal carrying case for maximum portability.


Do you sell just the stands or do you have to purchase a banner also?

We sell both the stand and the banner separately, but most of our customers usually purchase them together.

What is the difference between these two different banner stands?

With a retractable stand the banner actually coils up into the base, whereas, with an adjustable stand the banner is actually affixed to a free-standing pole system. Both are great choices for tradeshow signage because they are lightweight, portable and set up in minutes.

Do these tradeshow banners and stands come with a carrying case?

The retractable banner stands come with a special carrying case. The adjustable banner stands come with a special bag to store the poles in.

Are the banners for these stands printed on the same material?

No. The retractable stands banner is printed on a more flexible polyester material that is better suited for the continual rolling up and retracting down that the banner endures during set-up and break-down. The adjustable banner stand banner is printed on our standard banner material and is rolled up when not in use.

Can multiple banners be used on the stands?

Absolutely. That is one of the key selling points of these types of banner display systems...interchangeability. You can purchase one stand and multiple banners to switch out at any given time. Talk about versatility and more bang for your buck!

Who we are, a division of Quick Signs, specializes in all aspects of banner printing. We use state-of-the-art printers and equipment to produce high quality vinyl digital banners, mesh banners, over-the-street banners, wind/flag banners, poster paper prints, and more, at affordable prices to fit any budget. We have been in the banner and sign industry for over 25 years and service all of the United States, in addition to our local customers, with great banner products, affordable pricing and friendly top-notch customer service.

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