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Beautiful fabric wind flag banners - Tear shape & Feather shaped.


  • Long lasting, weather resistant polyester-based fabric banners.
  • 360 degree rotation capabilities for maximum visibility.
  • Small, Medium and Large sizes available.
  • Single-sided or double-sided for indoor/outdoor use.
  • Poles included with order and have their own storage case.
  • Interchangeable base options. Bases sold separately.

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Wind Banners: Verticle banners that blow in the wind

Attract attention with banners that blow in the wind


Flag banners are known by a lot of different names, but are predominantly referred to as Feather banners, Tear-shape banners, Tear-drop banners, Wind banners, or Wind Sail banners. Wind banners and flag banners fall into a specialty category of banner signs currently on the market, because of their distinctive flag advertising qualities, that allow more versatility over a traditional digital vinyl banner. These unique banners are printed onto a more flexible polyester material (instead of your typical vinyl material that is more rigid) which is outfitted with a built-in sleeve, on the spine of the wind banner, that is then affixed onto a free-standing pole system that allows the banner 360 degree mobility to literally go with the flow of wind. The rotating feature of flag and wind banners is a great asset for full spectrum advertising to be seen in all directions, and from both sides of the banner, whether you opt for a single-sided print or a double-sided print.

Wind and flag banners have their own unique display system for indoor and outdoor use. When placed outdoors our wind banners attach to a special made stake, that sticks into the ground, allowing a full range of motion in all directions. If you are using your wind banner indoors, or in an area where you have no natural ground to utilize the stake system, you would purchase a our portable base system to insert the banner into. You can purchase a specific display system, or both, and get the most usage out of your flag banner both indoors and outdoors.

Flag banners can be used for just about any advertising need you have and are guaranteed to catch the eye and be visible from every angle. The breathable polyester material, of these specialty signs, allows the banner to wave like a flag when wind blows through them and their lightweight nature makes them portable to use in just about any environment. Wind banner prints are just as vibrant as digital vinyl banner prints and ultimately more versatile than their vinyl counterparts. Wind banner will last just as long as your typical vinyl banner and are completely weather proof (in normal weather conditions.) If you want great coverage and more noticeability, wind and flag banners, are the perfect advertising investment that will benefit any company.

For an alternative to wind and flag banners, please see our Mesh Banners. Our mesh banners are digitally printed onto a rugged perforated vinyl material, that allows the wind to flow tiny holes in the banner. If a flag banner or mesh banner is not the right fit for your needs, because of space or display options, please see our other vinyl banner choices, QS-XLT digital banner; Non-Rip rugged digital banner; Dura-tuf over-sized outdoor banner; Lettering only banners; or our Stock pre-made banners.


What styles and sizes of wind banners are available?

We currently carry two styles of wind banners: Feather shaped and Tear Drop shaped. In both style types we carry a small, medium and large size.

What are the difference between your two flag banner choices?

The obvious difference is their shape. The feather shaped wind banner is is longer and billows in the wind more like an actual flag. The tear drop shaped banner is much more compact and taught like a sail.

Do wind banners come with just the print itself, or do they include hardware?

Each wind banner comes with the poles necessary to assemble the banner. But to properly display the banner you will need to purchase a base of some sort. We offer three different base options: Stake, Indoor Base, or an Outdoor base with a water tube. You can however purchase just the print; the print with poles; or the print with poles and your base(s) of choice.

Can flag banners have a double-sided message?

Absolutely! Most wind banners are single-sided because you can see the graphics on both sides of the material from 360 degrees in any direction. But, if you need a double-sided wind banner with opposing images, we would actually print two banners and stitch them together with blockout material in the middle.

Can I submit my artwork for any style wind banner?

Since wind and flag banners have a unique design style, graphics for these banners, need to be very specific to fit within their parameters of their printable areas. You can submit your artwork for a free sizing evaluation or request a template to size your own artwork for submission. Please give us a call at (866) 267-4467 or submit wind banner artwork here for a quotation.

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