Extra-strong, rip resistant banners

Need a strong, tear resistant banner? Rip-Resistant banners are the way to go!


  • Strong, durability and fade-resistant inks for outdoor environments.
  • A matte finish that helps eliminate glare both indoors and outdoors.
  • This material has a flat finish that gives the banner a smooth and sleek look.
  • The cross-weave of the material makes the banner virtually rip-proof (if maintained and hung properly.)
  • Quick turn-around and competitive pricing for a quality banner without hems.

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Rip-Resistant vinyl banners

Extra strong banner that won't tear out at the corners.


Our Rip-Resistant standard banner is great for indoor use, but is highly recommended, for extended outdoor use because of the durability of this product in the elements. Our Rip-Resistant vinyl banners utilize a different type of banner material than our QS-XLT standard banners. Rip-Resistant banners are printed on a matte white 15 oz. smooth vinyl material, that has a special cross-hatch weave pattern, making this material virtually rip-proof...hence the Rip-Resistant name. The matte finish of this banner also greatly reduces the typical glare that can be generated on glossy vinyl banner prints, which is a great asset, when your banner will be displayed in a heavily illuminated area (for example: tradeshows, conventions, outdoor sporting events, etc.)

Rip-Resistant digital banners offer a different look and more extended outdoor life stability than our QS-XLT banners. Indoors, these banners will last a lifetime, without any fading or cracking but outdoor environments are where they shine and are worth the few extra dollars that you will spend on this super-rugged standard outdoor banner. As with our QS-XLT vinyl banners, Rip-Resistant banners, can be stored and used over and over again, especially when your digitally printed banner is for an annual event like holiday sales or extravaganzas or for recurring monthly specials.

So now you are probably wondering, which banner is the better choice? When considering which standard banner will fit your needs, both the QS-XLT and Rip-Resistant banners are great choices, but you need to ask yourself...1) How long will the banner be outdoors? and 2) Will a glossy finish or matte finish better suite my environment? Once you have the answers to those questions you can choose the proper banner. For short-term outdoor (long term indoor) use and when you don't have to worry about excess glare, the QS-XLT is your all-purpose economy banner. For any digital banner that will be outdoors for more than 3 - 6 months, continually, then the best choice is the Rip-Resistant standard vinyl banner. Both banners have straight cut edges and come with grommets in the corner, but if you are looking for a hemmed banner, please look into our over-sized digital print vinyl banners for further information and pricing.

Rip-Resistant BANNER SPECS:

  • Material: Printed on a heavy weight 15 ounce weather resistant nylon reinforced cross-weaved vinyl, this banner is durable for most all normal outdoor uses and is perfect for any indoor trade show, seminar, workshop and display applications where the banner is used on an ongoing basis. This material has a matte finish, which significantly reduces any glare from the sun and any indoor/outdoor lighting, giving the banner a nice smooth and sleek look.
  • Durability: Using UV resistant eco-solvent inks, these banners will hold up outdoors, for many years under typical weather conditions. The printed inks will resist fading, cracking, peeling and will provide vibrant colors that will last for years and years to come. We use high resolution printers with a 6 colors ink system instead of the traditional 4 color. All banners are printed at 720dpi which assures vibrant high-quality prints with lively and beautiful graphics.
  • Finishing: These banners have straight cut edges with grommets in all four corners for instant hanging. For extended length banners extra grommets can be ordered to insure proper installation that will help keep your banner alive and thriving for years. You can also request no grommets for an ultra sleek look for back application installations.
  • Turn-around Time: The normal turnaround time on this banner is 2 - 3 business days. We do offer rush services if a quicker turn around time is needed.


In what type of situation would a regular rugged Rip-Resistant banner be best?

Rip-Resistant banners are best for long-term outdoor installations. The material has a much more rugged weave than our standard regular banner, making the Rip-Resistant better suitable for continual outdoor use.

Does the Rip-Resistant banner have any other noteable qualities?

Yes. The banner material has a smooth matte finish to it, whereas our standard banner, has a glossy finish. The matte material helps reduce glare in heavily lit indoor or outdoor areas.

What is the standard finish on a Rip-Resistant rugged banner?

All our Rip-Resistant rugged banners have straight cut edges and come with complimentary grommets in each corner for installation. We do offer extra grommets, and highly recommend them for proper installation, on banners 6 feet or longer.

How can you guarantee that this product is Rip-Resistant?

We've done several pull and weight tests to guage the strength of this particular material. And so far, we have found it nearly impossible to rip or tear a banner printed on this highly durable substrate. Keep in mind though, that the banner must be installed properly utilizing all grommet points, to retain it's super strength qualities.

How long will a Rip-Resistant banner last indoors/outdoors?

Indoors the banner will last you a lifetime when stored and cared for properly. Outdoor longevity is determined how by how they are hung, maintained and by the amount of direct sunlight they endure everyday. Under normal circumstances these banners should last a good 3 - 5 years, and maybe more.

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