Screen Printed Banners

Need a lot of banners? We have the solution...Screen printed banners!


  • Great for large quantity same-image vinyl banner printing.
  • Four color and spot color printing available.
  • Single or double sided print capabilities.
  • Hemmed and grommeted all around.
  • Optional finishing styles.
  • Wholesale pricing!

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Screen Printed Banners

Need a lot of banners? We have the solution...Silk Screen Banner Printing!


For same image banner printing in quantities of 25 to 1,000, our silk screen banner printing prices can't be beat. Whether you need 25 printed banners in one color or 1,000 printed banners using our four color banner printing process, our durable indoor/outdoor 10oz. vinyl banner fabric is the perfect choice for large quantity silk screen vinyl banner printing.

For durable silk screen vinyl banner printing our silk screen banners are printed on 10 oz. weather resistant vinyl banner fabric. These banners are fully hemmed and grommetted for both indoor use or permanently outdoor use. To determine if you need silk screened banners, vinyl banners or digital print banners, you'll need to ask yourself a few basic questions. Where and how are you using your custom made vinyl banners? Is it a single storefront vinyl banner that you will only make one of, or will you be placing several vinyl banners on every light post in town?

If you are needing one or only a few banners, a lettered vinyl banner or digital banner would be your logical choice. However, if you are needing several vinyl banners that are all the same (quantities of 50 to 1,000+), your choice would most likely be a silkscreen banner, also known as a screen printed banners. Silkscreen banner printing is the economical choice when needing large vinyl banner quantities. If you use the business card analogy, the difference between ordering 3 business cards and 500 business cards is mostly in the setup costs (which remains the same regardless of quantity) and the cost of card stock. Similarly, the cost of 3 banners and 500 banners is mostly in the setup cost plus the cost of the banner material. Despite high set up costs, the per banner price drops considerably as the number of silk screen vinyl banners increases. So in higher quantities, silk screen printed banners are more competitively priced than digital banner printing and custom vinyl banners. So in essence, when it comes to needing a lot of banners, our custom silk screen banner printing will save you money, without sacrificing quality.


When do you choose screen printed banners over digital banners?

Screen printed banners are the least expensive choice for large quantity printing in excess of 50 - 1,000 banners. If you have smaller runs, like 1 - 50, digital printing is cheaper because there are no screens to create.

How is pricing determined for screened banners?

It all comes down to size, quantity, and number of colors. Most screen printed banners utilize single spot colors or a series of colors to create a process color screen print.

Can I choose any color for my screen print banners or are spot colors my only option?

Spot color is commonly used for screen printed banners (black, blue, red, etc.) To achieve a unique color combination you will need to be able to call out PMS colors. PMS colors are a blend of different color percentages to make one specific color. You can find PMS color information online or through purchasing a PMS color book.

How come you don't screen print orders under 50 banners?

Screen print banners need special custom-made screens to print with. These special screens (also known as rubies) incur a set up fee. Screen printing just a few banners will be more expensive, because of the creation of the screens necessary to print in this method; whereas digital banners just use ink cartridges, without the need for a screen, therefore foregoing the screen set up fee. So for a banner run under 50, digital printing is more cost effective, than screen printing and vice versa.

Is there any special art requirements for screen print banners?

There absolutely is. Screen printed banners require vector based artwork to be able to make the screens (rubies). Vector artwork creates outlines for images and text that is necessary to create a specific screen for specific colors being utilized in the print. Non-vector artwork is essentially a flat image without the outlines necessary to create a screen.

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