Vinyl Lettered Banners

Need a simple banner with applied vinyl letters? Look into our vinyl lettered banners.


  • Long lasting outdoor and indoor non-digitally printed vinyl banner with removable vinyl letters.
  • Great for one, two or three spot color lettering only.
  • Large selection of fonts to choose from in 16 different spot colors. Visual proofs included on every order for approval.
  • Choose from six colored vinyl banners to place your lettering on.
  • Standard 2', 3' and 4' sizes. Custom sizes also available.

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Vinyl Lettered Banners

Affordable banner making

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When you want to make a strong statement, without graphics, vinyl lettered banners are the answer. Vinyl lettered banners are an especially inexpensive way for any business, community, organization or group to promote information with just text. Indoor and outdoor vinyl lettered banners are great for temporary or extended use and can be cheaper to produce than a digitally printed banner (depending on the amount of text and vinyl colors being used.) For example a single one color 2' x 5' vinyl lettered banner without graphics is $65.00; whereas a digitally printed banner is $69.00. But when you add another color of lettering your price jumps up to $75.00, making a digitally printed banner a better choice (because digital banners are less labor intensive, keeping the price the same.)

Although we still make and produce lettering only banners, digital banner printing has become more relevant, because of the ease of producing a digital print over a cut vinyl lettered banner. Lettered banners will however outlast conventional digital banners. We use eco-solvent fade resistant inks to produce our digital banners, but they will eventually fade over time (typically after 3 years), whereas the lettered banner utilizes color infused vinyl that won't fade for at least 7 years or more.

So when you want to make a statement, sell a product or just send a message, our vinyl lettered banner signs are a good fit. With our custom indoor and outdoor lettered banner signs, all you need to do is give us your message or supply us with your own vector text file and we'll do the rest.

The most common uses for lettering only banners are:

  • Advertising: Sales, Retail and Promotion
  • Sporting: Tournament and Sponsorship
  • School and Religion: Fund Raising / Other Events
  • Special Events: Fairs, Carnivals, or Community
  • Informational: Now Hiring, New Ownership, For Sale, etc. (see our pre-printed ready made vinyl banners).


What exactly is a lettered banner?

A lettered  banner is a two-step banner process that involves a blank vinyl banner that has cut out removable vinyl letter shapes applied to the face of the banner. This type of banner is very simple and doesn't involve any digital printing.

What is the advantage of a vinyl lettered banner?

With the advent of digital printing, the only real advantage of a lettered banner, is the option of changing individual dates, times or information on the existing banner. Since the vinyl letters are adhesive, they can be pulled off the banner itself, and more vinyl letters can be applied to update information on the banner.

What if I need graphics on my lettered banner?

If your banner requires graphics, it would be much cheaper, and look better to order a digitally printed banner. We can, however, add digitally printed adhesive graphics to any lettered banner for an additional fee.

How do you determine the pricing of a lettered banner?

Lettered banners are priced by the number of colors of lettering (usually one, two or three) different colors are used to make a lettered banner. Pricing is also determined by the amount of text and the size of the banner. These banners are very labor intensive and have actually become more expensive (depending on how many color options chosen) than a regular digital vinyl banner.

How many color choices are available for lettered banners?

The blank banners come in six different color choices (white, black, blue, red, dark green, yellow). We currently carry around 16 different basic color choices for our vinyl lettering.

Who we are, a division of Quick Signs, specializes in all aspects of banner printing. We use state-of-the-art printers and equipment to produce high quality vinyl digital banners, mesh banners, over-the-street banners, wind/flag banners, poster paper prints, and more, at affordable prices to fit any budget. We have been in the banner and sign industry for over 25 years and service all of the United States, in addition to our local customers, with great banner products, affordable pricing and friendly top-notch customer service.

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